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no personal identifiers such as name, sex or age are saved in RESULT

Security of personal data

All the data collected from you on our site is protected against unauthorised access by the website hosts and their privacy policies: 🌐 Squarespace and 🌐 Qualtrics. We do not sell, trade or rent the information we get from you on this site to others.

Where there are links on our site to other sites, the content of those linked sites is not covered by this privacy policy. These other sites will have separate privacy and data collection practices. We do not have responsibility for these independent policies.

What happens to the results of self assessments?

On a desktop or laptop you can download a PDF of feedback from your assessments; saving a PDF on phones or tablets depends on the device.  You can also email a PDF to yourself or a trusted friend or helper and then:

  • Keep the email in a folder with your email provider

  • Download the email and save on a hard drive

⚠️ If you do enter your email address then it will be saved by Qualtrics.

Self assessments do not require any personal information - RESULT was deliberately set up that way. No personal identifiers, including name, email address, IP address and geo-locator, are stored with your self assessment data. We do ask for age and gender to help with understanding assessments and who is using the website - giving this information is optional.

Users may choose to email their assessments to themselves or third parties. No email addresses are stored. No promotional or other unsolicited information is sent out using your email. The responses to RESULT assessments are stored anonymously and cannot, therefore be retrieved at a later date.

Sharing test results

Self completion scales have limitations. Accuracy depends on a truly honest approach to completing scales and there are things that cannot be done online. If you are concerned at all you might want to share the results of any tests you complete:

  • see your doctor to check out your health - infections such as hepatitis or HIV, or get liver function tests done

  • self completion scales alone should not be seen as diagnostic - confirm possible mental illness with an addiction psychiatrist or psychologist

  • discuss the meaning of the results to questionnaires with a therapist - you can find a therapist online or get help from your local services

What if you are using this through an organisation?

Organisations may have an arrangement with RESULT to receive reports on activity by their service users. The organisation will ask their service users to enter a code (at the end of assessments): the code has six characters. Anonymity remains as described above..

What are cookies and how do we use them?

Cookies are small amounts of information that are sent from a web server to your browser, stored on your computer's hard drive and contain basic information relating to an internet site you have visited. Squarespace and Google Analytics track site visits, pages accessed and record usage trends over time. The cookie contains no personal identifiable information, but it does use your computer’s IP address to determine where in the world you are accessing the site from, and to track your page visits within the site.

Your consent

By using the RESULT website you consent to the collection and use of the information you provide to us. If you feel that this site is not following its stated privacy policy, you may contact us at If you are not satisfied with our response, you may appeal to the Information Commissioner at