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RESULT does not save any personal identifiers. After completing any self assessment you will be able to email a PDF summary of the test results and feedback to yourself and/or download the PDF if your device allows. If you enter an email addresses it will be saved.

SAVE the PDFs (electronic or printed copies) if you want to be able to look back on earlier self assessments.

Self assessments

There are six assessments made up of one or more ratings represented by the icons below. Repeat assessments to map your progress.

My Quick Check

There are just 12 questions about lifestyle. It is possible to have an addiction and hold on to a positive lifestyle and so we recommend that you also check out your substance use.

My Addiction

Here you can make a comprehensive assessment of an addiction or substance misuse problem. There is the option of checking out mental health concerns. Allow plenty of time for this self-assessment.

My Recovery

Recovery is a process which is mainly about getting into a positive lifestyle which you may have had in the past or may be a new challenge. Allow more time if you want to check out your substance use and mental health.

My Mental Health

You can check out anxiety and depression, post traumatic stress disorder, and psychosis. These tests are not diagnostic but are good for monitoring a problem or suggesting a probable disorder.

My Substance Use

This self-assessment allows you to profile your use of psychoactive drugs including alcohol and nicotine. Allow more time if you have a complicated substance use picture.

My Therapist

Treatment outcome is better if you work collaboratively with your therapist. This self-assessment allows you to rate how good your relationship is. You can do it alone or, preferably, in parallel with your therapist.

Tasks for recovery

There are 5 TASKS 4 RECOVERY represented by the icons below. Successfully complete all five, in any order you like, and you are in recovery.