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SSQ :: Social Satisfaction Scale

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⓵ Raistrick D, Tober G, Heather N and Clark J (2007) Validation of the Social Satisfaction Questionnaire for outcome evaluation in substance use disordersPsychiatric Bulletin 31: 333-336

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Description of development of an eight item scale measuring the single construct social wellbeing - clinically significant change values reported. Internal consistency  alpha 0.73; test-retest reliability 0.85. Construct validity all items load >0.59 on a single factor accounting for 41% of variance. Change‣ mean pre and post treatment 13.2-14.4 to 14.7-15.9 for men and 15.4-16.1 to 16.6-17.9 for women. Convergent validity‣ SSQ correlates with LDQ -0.25/opiates, -0.16/stimulants, -0.28/cannabis, -0.27/alcohol; with CORE-OM -0.45/opiates, -0.40/stimulants, -0.52/cannabis, -0.51/alcohol.

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⓷ Raistrick DS, Tober GW, Sweetman J, Unsworth S, Crosby H, & Evans T (2014) Measuring clinically significant outcomes – LDQ, CORE-10, and SSQ as dimension measures of addiction. The Psychiatrist 38: 112-115

DOI: 10.1192/pb.bp.112.041301 

Further validation. Change‣ mean pre and post treatment 14.8 to 16.2. Convergent validity‣ SSQ at assessment & follow up correlates with LDQ -0.39 & -0.30, CORE10 -0.47 & -0.56. 

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⑩ Fairhurst CM, Böhnke JR, Gabe R, Croudace TJ, Tober GW, Raistrick D (2014) Factor analysis of treatment outcomes from a UK specialist addiction service: relationship between the Leeds Dependence Questionnaire, Social Satisfaction Questionnaire and CORE-10. Drug and Alcohol Review 33: 643-650

DOI: 10.1111/dar.12146

Internal consistency‣ 0.79. Construct validitysingle factor with loadings >0.63.

BNSG :: Basic Needs Satisfaction in General

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ⓐ Johnston MM and Finney SJ (2010) Measuring basic needs satisfaction: Evaluating previous research and conducting new psychometric evaluations of the Basic Needs Satisfaction in General Scale. Contemporary Educational Psychology35: 280–296

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Description of development of a 21 item scale measuring the constructs autonomy, competence, relatedness. Internal consistency‣ alpha 0.60-0.82. Construct validity‣ three factors loading 0.25-0.68 on the hypothesised constructs. Convergent validity BNSG autonomy correlates with SWQsa -0.60, SWQwt -0.37, SWQga -0.16, MAF -0.36; BNSG competence correlates with SWQsa-0.36, SWQwt -0.40, SWQga -0.25, MAF -0.45; BNSG relatedness correlates with SWQsa -0.26, SWQwt -0.20, SWQga -0.07, MAF -0.08.


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