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Self Completion Assessments

My Quick Check (less than 2min) is there for people who are not looking for, or not ready for, a more comprehensive self assessment - it is, nonetheless, a good guide to an addiction problem.

My Addiction (10-15 minutes) is designed to give a complete picture of your addiction. It is about how strongly you are addicted (if at all) and the extent of any social and mental health problems associated with addiction. For more explanation go to 📉 My Addiction

My Recovery (less than 5 minutes). Recovery is not an all-or-nothing kind of thing and this measure is about seeing how solid your recovery has become. It is about how much your life has got back to normal. Can be used by people on substitute prescriptions. For more explanation go to 📉 My Recovery

My Mental Health is a collection of mental illness scales. These are best used alongside 'My Addiction' or 'My Recovery' if you are worried about a mental health problem. You can select an appropriate measure. For more explanation go to 📉 My Mental Health