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5 tasks 4 recovery...

The 5 TASKS 4 RECOVERY can be worked on alone, with family and friends, or with a therapist. The purpose of the tasks is to help bring clarity and firm up a sense of direction. The tasks themselves do not magically produce recovery. Each tasks ends up with an Action Plan - what matters is following through on the plan.

Changing substance use

The essence of recovery is abstinence, or at least control, of substance use. People get something out of their substance use, fun or feeling better in some way, hence it is difficult to give it up until the balance tips towards problems and a dislike of substance use.


Getting support from family and friends is one of the most important things you can do. People with addiction problems often spend time with drinkers or drug users who will want you to carry on drinking or taking drugs. The aim is to break this habit and spend time with people you can do nice things with and turn to for help in sorting out problems.

Daily activities

Things that used to be important have a habit of getting neglected when substance use takes over your life. Not just the big things like relationships and work but the more everyday things, like personal hygiene and household chores. Having a routine helps restore good habits which also builds self worth and is a distraction from craving drink or drugs.

Nice things to do

In the beginning many people drink or take drugs because it is fun and sociable. As substance use becomes a problem the enjoyment tends to disappear. Life not drinking or taking drugs needs to be better than when drinking or using drugs. Spending time doing nice things is an important part of having a better life.

Medication watch

It might be important that you take medication. Equally prescription drugs may simply replace drinking or taking illicit drugs. The medication watch aims to make sure that any medications are helpful and necessary.