❝ track your progress - it helps ❞

πŸ€ If you are just worried...

see if you have an addiction problem with My Quick Check - it takes less than 2minutes and no personal details are needed

πŸ€ If you are a self changer...

follow your progress and complete tasks in My Journey - download the PDF and save for future reference.

πŸ€ If you are in treatment...

complete My Journey in discussion with your therapist - download the PDF and save for future reference.

πŸ€ If you are in recovery...

share your experiences and help others at the same time by writing a Brief Blog of your story.


Create a portfolio...

Using different tools to assess problems and track progress is one of the most effective ways to improve outcomes.

An essential feature of RESULT is that you do not need to register and login and no information that can identify you is stored online. So, if you wish to review your self assessments you need to create your own portfolio.

  • A portfolio is a collection of SUMMARIES from your self assessments
  • Your portfolio may be electronic or printed hard copy
  • Before starting your self assessments decide how you will store your portfolio
  • On completion of each self assessment you can email or download a SUMMARY
  • Share your portfolio with trusted helpers to build your working relationship

πŸ“² Use RESULT on your phone as an app - see how

πŸ€ Suggestions for practitioners and agencies...

Collect data with a retrieval code

Anonymity and ease of access is a key plank of the RESULT website philosophy. An implication is that agencies or individual practitioners are unable to see aggregate data relating to their service users - albeit PDFs are available by agreement with a service user. By agreement RESULT can schedule a CSV export of coded data.

  1. Optional agency identifier codes can be added
  2. Optional practitioner identifier codes can be added
  3. Optional to add service user name

Retrieval code fields are pre-set

Set tasks to do between appointments

Agencies will differ on how to make it easy for practitioners to get their service users to do tasks between treatment sessions - the easier to do the more likely that a task will be done.

  1. Help individuals explore ways to access the website
  2. Give a business card with access and task details
  3. Send text or email with task and a link to the website
  4. Show preview of the task in session

Printed cards can be purchased from Vistaprint


Help people find help in private

Agencies, especially those not primarily involved with helping people with addiction problems, can facilitate access to help anonymously by using QR codes.

  1. Print posters for the waiting room displaying the QR code
  2. Print the QR code on appointment slips 

Agencies free to use QR codes on any media

Build a bespoke assessment package

Organisations or individual practitioners or research teams may wish to create their own bespoke assessment package. By agreement RESULT will build a unique package specified by an organisation.

  1. Create a branded assessment package
  2. Create a package for a research project

Discuss options with RESULT team



RESULT is a not for profit website. It is free to use and none of the data collected are sold on to third parties. RESULT has costs of around Β£3000 to cover licence fees, art work, and other charges - most of the work is done on a voluntary basis. If you are an agency using RESULT please support us with a donation....

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