My Mental Health...

My Mental Health is a collection of scales designed to measure different forms of mental health. Mental health problems take many different forms - those included here are commonly associated with substance misuse.

⚠️  These scales are not diagnostic of mental illness. They can be used to monitor the severity a mental illness that has been diagnosed by a competent practitioner, to monitor distressing symptoms whether or not these amount to mental illness, and to indicate a mental health problem which may be both cause and effect of an addiction and which requires some intervention.

Depression and anxiety are very common symptoms associated with addiction problems. These symptoms may be a sign of mental illness but more usually are associated with the addiction itself. Improvement in treatment often falls short of the target, or normal, scores but a good treatment package will assist continuing improvement after the intervention stops.

Post Traumatic Stress is common among military personnel and violence, especially sexual violence to women, accompanies some addiction driven lifestyles. The data here are limited but suggest that it is the ratings of those experiencing the trauma that are more useful than practitioner assessments. The scale generates a useful list of trauma events.

Psychosis is a severe form of mental health problem characterised by loss of touch with reality. Psychotic symptoms may be caused by an enduring mental illness or may be more transient caused by taking particular drugs. Symptoms are not uncommon in the general population. The distress caused increases in people on the edge, prodromal, to those with florid psychosis.