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Have you got a recovery story?

If you have a story to share that you think will be an inspiration to others, either because of the challenges you faced or the things you found helpful, the experience of achievement or a message of hope, then send it to us

There are a few ground rules:

  1. Try to tell your story in 500 words or so.
  2. The idea of these blogs is to help people understand the process of getting better.
  3. Take care not to identify yourself, your friends or family, or anyone else.
  4. We need you to send us a photo that we can put on the website, of something that reflects the feeling of your piece.
  5. We might need to discuss some edits with you before we publish your blog.

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Looking for a student project?

RESULT has many opportunities for student projects - large or small. The range of projects is limited only by the imagination

There are some ground rules to stick to:

  1. Before starting any project a brief description should be submitted to us in order to ensure that the work is suitable for inclusion in the website.
  2. We are the sole arbiters of what will be published in the RESULT website. To avoid disappointment it is important to discuss projects as they progress so we can iron out problems that might arise.
  3. All contributors will be acknowledged - typically we would like to publish the names and a picture of the contributor(s).

Here are some suggestions for projects:

  • Review a scale not currently included and put together the data required to construct its quality framework.
  • Develop the feedback sections after people have tested themselves on the range of self complete scales.
  • Review a section of evidence, for example dependence scales, and suggest an update.
  • Create a page to improve on the existing statistics page - a potted summary of what statistical tests do.
  • Make a video to add to any of the sections - we are looking for English video recordings.
  • Add to the validation data for a scale - small qualitative studies of help seekers' views are valuable or repeat psychometrics in new populations.

Want to write a scientific piece?

There is plenty to say on the subject of treatment outcomes or natural recovery. Why not make your contribution with a blog

There are one or two ground rules:

  1. Blogs should be 500-1000 words including references.
  2. Each blog should have a clear focus. Topics can range through: policy, measurement scales, measurement methods, statistical analysis, developments that are needed and so on.
  3. Authors must be willing to have their name(s) published and supply a photograph of themselves or a picture which is evocative of the blog topic.

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Like a quiz?

Have you got ideas for a quiz? Get together with some friends and have fun doing it...

There are a few ground rules to stick to:

  1. Quiz questions need to be related however loosely to the purpose of the website - so about measurement, scales, treatment outcomes.
  2. The quiz needs to have some educational merit while at the same time being fun to do.
  3. Questions must not be offensive to any section of the community and must be suitable for children to read.
  4. We need a group picture of all those involved in creating the quiz who wish to post their picture - alternatively any picture that symbolises the nature of the quiz.
  5. The creators will all be credited and must be willing to have names published on the website.

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