How good is stimulant drug treatment


❝ stimulants are often taken for recreation ❞

Stimulants vary in potency from caffeine to ‘party drugs’ to the most potent cocaine and amphetamines.

Some frequently asked questions about treatment for stimulant drug misuse...

#1 What is the best treatment for potent stimulants?
Benchmark :: a meta-analysis of psychosocial treatments
This benchmark pulls together the best available studies of psychosocial treatments for cocaine and amphetamine addiction and pools the data from the findings - a meta-analysis. It is taken that abstinence is the goal. The poster shows best treatment was found to be a combination of contingency management and the community reinforcement approach.


Cocaine and amphetamine To date there have been no convincing studies to support pharmacotherapies for cocaine and amphetamines. Medications evaluated include: topiramate, mazindol, dextroamphetamine, methylphenidate, modafinil and bupropion. In the absence of good evidence it is reasonable to opt for symptomatic medication to support psychosocial interventions.