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Abbreviations & icons used across the website

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ASI Addiction Severity Index ::: 

AUDIT Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test ::: 10 items screening for alcohol misuse

AUDIT-C Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (consumption) ::: 3 items measuring consumption

AUS Alcohol Use Scale ::: validated single 5point clinician rating of alcohol misuse

AUTOS 12-item measure of loss of autonomy over their use of tobacco. Subscales: AUTOSw withdrawal, AUTOSd dependence, AUTOSc cravings

BAC Blood Alcohol Concentration (usually blood - maybe breath)

BPRS Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale ::: 18 items measuring psychiatric symptomatology. Subscales: resistance, positive symptoms, negative symptoms, psychological discomfort

CORE Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation ::: several versions measuring psychological distress

DUS Drug Use Scale ::: validated single 5point clinician rating of drug misuse

DUDIT Drug Use Disorders Test ::: 11 items screening for drug misuse

EQ-5D Euroqol Five Dimension ::: five domains measuring quality of life

GHQ General Health Questionnaire ::: Measure of psychological distress. Various short versions.

HADS Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale ::: 7 depression 7 anxiety items

MAF Motive to Avoid Failure ::: 6 items on strategies to avoid failure

OQ-45 Outcome Questionnaire ::: 45 items OQsd = symptom distress OQir = interpersonal relationships OQsr = social role

PANAS Positive and Negative Affect Schedule ::: 20 items PANASp = positive PANASn = negative

PDUQp Prescription Drug Use Questionnaire for patients ::: 31 item tool to detect addictive drug use in people receiving analgesics. PDUQ is practitioner version.

RESULT Routine Evaluation of Substance Use and Lifestyle Treatment

RPT Relationship Profile Test ::: 20 items RPTdo = destructive over dependence RPThd = healthy dependence RPTdd = dysfunctional detachment

RISB Rotter Incomplete Sentences Blank ::: 40 sentence stems to complete to express feelings

sAD Personal Disturbance Scale ::: 7 depression 7 anxiety items

SCL Symptom Checklist ::: 

SWQ Student Worry Questionnaire ::: 30 items SWQwt = worrisome thinking SWQsa = social adequacy SWQga = general anxiety

TAS-20 Toronto Alexithymia Scale ::: 20 items measuring difficulty identifying and describing emotions